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Why we should celebrate the upcoming Royal Wedding

On Saturday the 19th of May the nation will have the chance to celebrate the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle. Whilst the wedding will not be on the scale of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding in 2011, it will still be a great occasion for the nation to unite in celebration for the royal couple, our monarchy, and our great country.

Over recent decades our politicians have shown contempt for displays of British patriotism and created a feeling across the country that patriotism is a bad and dangerous thing. The only exception to this rule has been for the Olympics and for events celebrating the Royal family. For that reason, we must all embrace the celebrations, and show to the politicians there is a real demand in the country to celebrate being British.

The more people who line the streets in Windsor, the more people who hold street parties or go to some of the large screen displays showing the wedding established around the country the better. Stores around Britain are selling flags, bunting and other patriotic products in the build up to Saturday and the more they sell, the more likely they are to do more to mark future events as they see the huge public demand.

But there is only so much the public alone can do without the state stepping up for the event too.  Every school in the United Kingdom should be holding a celebration to mark the Royal wedding. It is a chance to teach children the British national anthem, and for them to learn about the Royal family and the importance of the monarchy. Every council should be holding special events too.   It’s a great opportunity to encourage the feeling of British national identity and emphasise the importance of national unity especially to young people.

It is very disappointing to see that the BBC has chosen to neglect supporters of the monarchy in Scotland by not providing a large screen display in Glasgow or Edinburgh, despite ensuring screens in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. As the public broadcaster of the United Kingdom the BBC should be doing far more to bring together the people of the United Kingdom and celebrate British identity as often as possible. This is sadly just the latest example of their failure to do the right thing and that must change.

The importance of the Royal wedding is not just to bring British people together, but it is also selling Britain and British culture to the rest of the world. 100s of millions tuned in to watch the Royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and tens of millions will do the same on Saturday.  The positive image of Britain it will promote is great for the Global Britain brand and at an ideal time as we re-establish ourselves as an independent sovereign nation seeking a new role on the world stage.  With the recent confirmation that Prince Charles will be the next Head of the Commonwealth, it is clear to all that the Royal Family still has a hugely important role to play for the future of our country.

I wish the Royal couple well for the wedding and looking forward to joining millions of others across the country celebrating such a great occasion.