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What’s the Secret to Her Majesty’s Long Life?

Her Majesty the Queen is the longest serving British Monarch in history.  Many have pointed out that members of the Royal Family seem to live for an incredibly long time.  The average life expectancy for a female in the United Kingdom is around 80 years old.  Her Majesty the Queen is 92, which is well above the average that a female would be expected to live to in the UK.

Her Majesty the Queen is not alone in her longevity, her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, also known as Prince Phillip, is nearly 100 years old at 97, he is truly above the average for a British male, which sits at 79 years. So, the question still remains: Why do members of the British Monarchy live for so long? 

There are many reasons why members of the British Royal Family live for so long.  There are of course financial reasons: they are wealthy, with wealth comes access to the best medical care and regular screenings.  An average member of the British public might only seek medical intervention when a symptom of a pathology arises, but members of the Royal Family will probably be regularly screened for cancer, dedicated well before it spreads.

There are also much more basic reasons:  The Royals are known for their love of long walks.  Walking boosts cardiovascular health and reduces the overall risk of heart attacks and strokes.  Strokes are one of the biggest killers in the UK.  It is well known that leading an active lifestyle reduced risk of atherosclerosis, which is a contributing factor towards having a stroke.

It’s also thought that members of the Royal Family eat an extremely healthy diet, which means that their less likely to be overweight and eat foods with high saturated fats that make people prone to high cholesterol that ultimately leads to fatty plaque formation in the arteries.  Could their secret to longevity be a combination of the above? Most likely, but genetics play a big role, too.