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UK Will Refuse to Pay European Union £39Bn Amid Immigration Concerns

The United Kingdom will refuse to pay thirty-nine-billion-pounds to the European Union in the event the EU does not offer the United Kingdom a deal on it withdrawal from the European Union, says Dominic Raab, Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union.  Theresa May may also offer 3.8 million European Immigrants ‘special status’ in the UK.

It come as the European Union has attempted to ‘act tough’ to the United Kingdom in terms of their Brexit strategy.  Though it is now more than clear that the EU needs a financial deal from the UK, more than they would like to admit.  The UK currently contributes more to the EU budget that 26 member states combined, and it will struggle financially when the UK leaves.

There is also the fact that the United Kingdom exports more to the European Union than imports, therefore there is a trade deficit.  As it currently stands, they want and buy more of our goods and services than we buy of theirs, therefore, they need us more than we need them – fact. Many also want to know what type of ‘Special Status’ will be given to EU migrants.

Dominic Raab and Theresa May have been accused of ‘scaremongering’ the British people, as they paint a ‘doom and gloom’ picture of a No-deal Brexit situation, in reality, the UK will get a deal or it won’t, either way, the United Kingdom will thrive.  The EU is a stagnating trading bloc, which has see pathetic levels of growth for years and since the UK is getting ready to leave we can now venture out and develop new trade agreements, globally.

Dominic Raab said in regards to a ‘no-deal’ Brexit:”…is that obviously we wouldn’t pay out the money that has been agreed as part of the withdrawal agreement“.He said UK would “recognise our strict legal obligations” but that the amount paid would be “significantly, substantially lower” than the £39 billion.