Home News Thersea May has been involved in Car Crash in Belgium

Thersea May has been involved in Car Crash in Belgium

Theresa May’s convoy has been involved in a car crash in Belgium which left two police officers injured. One of the motorcyclists had to perform an emergency manoeuvre, clipping one of his colleagues, according to local reports and both fell off their bikes.

The incident happened on a Belgian motorway as Mrs May and Mr Michel were travelling from a Remembrance event at the St Symphorien Cemetery in Mons. Two police motorcycles were knocked over by a car in the collision and the officers were taken to hospital.

The Belgian Prime Minister’s spokesman described the incident as an “unfortunate accident”, according to Belgian newspaper De Standard. It was initially thought that the Belgian PM was hurt, however, it is has come to light that he is now safe.

A spokesman added that there was no suspicion of malicious intent, saying: “The investigation is ongoing. Nobody was arrested”. Number 10 has played down the incident telling The Sun: “A chap came off his bike” . The Belgian PM’s spokesman said it was a “regrettable accident” and not malicious or suspicious.