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Theresa May’s Government Issues ‘No Deal’ Announcement As Over 200,000 People Sign Petition for NO DEAL

Theresa May’s Government has made an announcement after 200,000 people have now signed a petition calling for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit.  A No Deal Brexit refers to a situation where there is no withdrawal agreement and transition period.  The media and Theresa May’s Government have claimed that a No Deal approach would not be the best option, but many now know that it is the best option.  A NO DEAL approach means the UK can trade freely with other countries around the world, meaning we don’t have to be locked into a customs arrangement with the EU, which allows us to use Brexit to fully benefit the British economy from DAY ONE, without being shackled to EU legislation.

Theresa May and her Government have tried to pin the United Kingdom to a withdrawal agreement that sees an indefinite transition period with the EU, and it also makes Northern Ireland a colony of the European Union, as Northern Ireland would have a separate arrangement entirely from the UK, in the event that a Free Trade Deal cannot be reached during May’s favoured transition‘Deal’.

It is fact though that the United Kingdom can use WTO trading rules to trade with the European Union. There would be seamless trade in the event of a so-called ‘No-deal’because it is in the interests of the EU that they can still trade freely with the UK.  The UK has a £60 billion-pound trading deficit with the EU, we mean a lot to them.  The EU and UK post-Brexit will seek common ground, that means ensuring tariffs are low. There is also no suggestion from any pharmaceutical company in the continent that drug supplies will be affected, yet again more scaremongering from Theresa May and her pathetic Government that has no faith in the United Kingdom.  The drug supply to Britain will not be affected by a No-deal.  Is Theresa May really suggesting that the EU will ‘starve us out’?

So, now that it is clear that the UK can leave the EU without any such agreement, Theresa May and her elitist cronies are in overdrive trying to scare the public into backing her crap deal. Theresa May has spent 100,000’s of thousands of pounds of your cash on Facebook advertisements that are trying to change your mind on her deal.  The fact is that the establishment elitist protectionist scum bags are being shaken, and that is why we are seeing scare tactics galore being used throughout the media and from Theresa May’s Government.

Theresa May’s weak Government said in a statement: “The deal that we have reached with the EU is the right one for the United Kingdom. Leaving without a deal would risk uncertainty for the economy, for business and for citizens.”.  Read fully by clicking here.