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The Time Tony Blair Broke Royal Protocol and Offended Her Majesty

Her Majesty the Queen has seen many Prime Ministers come and go during her life-time as the longest reigning Monarch in British history.  The Queen is seen as a national treasure and a symbol of the United Kingdom.  In fact, the Queen might as well be a synonym for everything that is British.

Her Majesty the Queen meets with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on a weekly basis.  Her Majesty takes her role as sovereign of the United Kingdom extremely seriously, and takes her duties as head of country as something that she was born to do and therefore she has never technically had a day off from her job.

Her Majesty the Queen and her husband, Prince Phillip, are like two pees in a pod, they are always together carrying out their royal duties.  Not long ago it was revealed that the Duke of Edinburgh would be retiring for the main aspects of Royal life, he is 97 years old so it was to be expected.

Tony Blair once offended Her Majesty the Queen by discussing a meeting she had with himself in front of many guests.  The meetings between the Prime Minister and the Queen are meant to be private.  Tony Blair let slip a remark that Her Majesty made to him after their meeting and the Queen’s face says it all: she was not pleased.