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The Time Prince Charles and Camilla Were ‘Brutally’ Attacked

The time that the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall were attacked by a London mob was a very heightened time in British politics.  The Royal Family were shocked and saddened when a car carrying the future King of the United Kingdom was attacked in London.

There has not been many incidents this century where members of the Royal Family were attacked by their subjects.  The Government at the time of the attack (2010 Cameron-Clegg) had just trebled tuition fees and resentment among the rich was high.  The United Kingdom was not too far out a recession that lasted nearly a decade, so when news came that the David Cameron’s coalition government were raising tuition fees all hell broke loose.

Camilla and the Prince of Wales looked shocked as they left an event.  There were people in the streets attacking their car as it left a function that night.  Camilla looked shocked and the Prince of Wales was looking helpless as the Royal car was brutally attacked by the mob.  It is easy to see why people may have resented the flashy Royal car and the news of the tuition fees increase was enough to tip many over the edge.

The United Kingdom as a country generally favours the Royal Family.  The Royal family do a lot of charity work for the United Kingdom and are an important part of British life.  The UK as a country supports Her Majesty the Queen, therefore news that the two were attacked must’ve been a great shock to Her Majesty.

So, what’s changed? – Members of the Royal Family are less likely to ‘flaunt’ their riches.  The Royals have been seen taking budget airlines abroad in order to be seen as more ‘normal’.  The problem is that normalising the Royal Family is not something people like, it takes away their mystique, and therefore makes them too relatable, which in essence makes the Royal Family less special (at least, that’s what I think.).