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The Reason Why You Won’t See Prince William Holding Princess Charlotte

There have been many who have pointed out that the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, has never really been seen holding onto his Daughter, Princess Charlotte.  Many have emailed us to ask why the Duke of Cambridge does not seem to hold his daughter and instead relied on Kate to do so.

There is a very special reason and it comes back to Royal Tradition.  The Royal Family is an extremely traditional family who are very set in their ways.  The Royal Family are by no means old-fashioned, but they are very traditional when it comes to upbringing.

People have noticed that instead of Prince William, now the Duke of Cambridge, holding onto Princess Charlotte, he instead holds Prince George.

A relationship expert named Jasmine Peters, spells out the reason for Prince Williams’ actions:

Fathers are typically responsible for the disciplinary actions, redirection, protection and provision of the family,” she told the Daily Mail.

It is not uncommon to see a father with his son to set the foundation of what his role and responsibilities will be in life with a family. It is often believed that it takes a man to raise a boy to be a man. If you look at the pictures it clearly reflects this common belief.

Robert Jobson, an expert on the royals, told Business Insider: “William, after all, is the only person – apart from the queen and Prince Charles – on the planet who knows what it’s like to be the direct heir in line to the British throne, and only he knows what is expected of him. Therefore, it makes sense he takes the lead (with Prince George) when in public.”