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That Dramatic Moment When Harry Ran Away During A TV Interview

The dramatic moment when Prince Harry, now the Duke of Sussex, runs off from a TV interview to prepare his helicopter for combat is embedded in the minds of many.  The moment that defined Prince Harry’s dedication to Her Majesty the Queen and his country will always be remembered, as will all the sacrifice of all members of our Armed Forces.

The reason for Prince Harry ‘running off’ during his TV interview has more one meaning.  It not only shows a very loyal serviceman, but someone who will always put his duties first.  Prince Harry was praised for his extremely quick reactions when his call of duty was raised.

The video shows Prince Harry having an interview with a popular UK TV station, it was then quickly interrupted when the alarm was raised for Prince Harry to ready his Apache helicopter for battle. The young Prince was seen leaping up out of his chair as the alarmed raised that he must be up in the air to take on Taliban fighters on the ground.

The video was shot over five years ago but is a timeless reminder of the dedication and willpower that the young Prince has shown for his country.  The Royal Family are extremely dedicated to their country and their long service to the United Kingdom has well and truly not gone unnoticed.