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Team Boris To Announce UK As Separate Independent State As New Brexit Legislation Enforced

The United Kingdom government is preparing legislation that will make the United Kingdom an Independent, and new, sovereign nation. It comes as key EU legislation that supersedes UK law will be revoked.

The UK is set to become a truly separate country, one that could be up to £135 billion better off, under a “clean-slate” Brexit, suggests a report from Cardiff University. It comes as the majority of the country do not want any form of Theresa May’s deal to pass through Parliament.

The United Kingdom voted decisively to leave the European Union in 2016. Since then, many supporters of the European Union have attempted to stop the United Kingdom from fully leaving the EU, this has been a concern for many who are not only supporters of Brexit, but democracy, too.

The European Communities Act of 1972 is to be repealed. This means that EU law will not be sovereign over the United Kingdom law. There has been suggestions that all current EU law will be transferred into UK legislation, the UK government will then abolish the laws as required to set the UK free once we are out of the European Union.

The country is bracing itself for a turbulent week ahead. As the Remainers will attempt to stop the United Kingdom leaving the EU on the 31st of October. The vast majority of the country want us to get fully out of the European Union, anything short, is sure to be a disaster for the Tory party.