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Team Boris Secures Major Post-Brexit US-UK Trade Opportunity As UK Goes No Deal

The United Kingdom’s Secretary of International Trade, Liz Truss, is touring the United States on a Brexit mission to cement the United Kingdom as a global exporter. It comes as the UK prepares to leave the EU on a successful clean-slate Brexit, meaning there will be no surrender treaty signed.

Boris’ team has been exceptionally busy preparing the United Kingdom for its ambition to leave the European Union. The EU has reiterated that it wants the UK to sign Theresa May’s surrender treaty, one that would force the UK to handover £39 billion.

The International Trade Secretary was speaking to reporters in the United States, where she said she will travel to a large Freeport in Newark, to see how the United States export sector works in full-scale. Liz Truss also said that the US and UK are now in talks regarding a free trade agreement that will see the UK reap in billions.

The United Kingdom is hoping to secure a major trade deal with the United States. It comes as Truss also suggested that as the UK sets up its own free ports it will be able to overtake Germany as the largest economy in Europe.

It comes as a report from Cardiff University states that the United Kingdom’s GDP will be £135 billion richer under a so-called ‘No Deal’, meaning, no Withdrawal Arrangement signed would lead to the UK being far more prosperous.