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Team Boris Secures Brexit Victory As Judge Rules In Favour As EU Leaders Issue Warning

The United Kingdom is heading for a successful clean-slate Brexit. The UK Government now has the backing of a Scottish judge, who has ruled that the Queen’s speech is lawful.

The United Kingdom was meant to leave the European Union months ago, sadly, this did not occur due to the gross incompetence of Boris’ predecessor, Theresa May.

The United Kingdom has been fully preparing to leave the European Union on a “clean slate”. A clean slate means that the UK will not have to regulatory align to the EU, or hand over £39 billion.

The majority of the British public are increasingly concerned that Team Boris will go back on their word and attempt to sign the United Kingdom up to a Withdrawal Arrangement.

The only real option for the UK, say many, is a full clean-slate break from the European Union, that means no regulatory alliance, no customs union and no transition period.

The UK is a net-contributor to the EU budget, this means way pay in more than we get back. Many now realise the EU was set up to mimic a superstate, one that has consistently failed to deliver any economic leverage.

The UK now sees itself as an outward and global-looking country, hence the need for the UK to fully and gracefully leave the European Union.