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Team Boris Reportedly ‘Bringing Direct Fear’ To EU Leaders As Brexit Suspension Approved

The United Kingdom is now ready and willing to leave the European Union on the 31st of October, deal or no deal. It is now hoped that the country leaves without a surrender document being signed, as this will give us more control of our country, anything short is a betrayal and the Brexit Party will boom if we get a withdrawal surrender treaty Brexit.

The United Kingdom voted decisively for a complete clean-break from the European Union. The notion of a “deal” was one that was coined by the Remain media, and Theresa May, the most useless and horrendous Prime Minister in living memory, with no legacy to speak of, she was a useless silly woman.

The United Kingdom is taking the unprecedented move of establishing itself as a true global powerhouse, one that will no longer be part of the biggest stagnating trading bloc in the modern world. The EU is declining, and the UK is gladly jumping ship.

The country has seen highs and lows, the highs being the removal of Theresa May, the lows being the fact that Boris Johnson still speaks of a “deal”. The issue is, no one wants a withdrawal agreement, the only people who seem to want one are the Remainers, and the Tory Party, when will they listen to their members? We don’t want a withdrawal surrender treaty – we want out!

The United Kingdom should leave the European Union as soon as possible, Boris should leave without a surrender document, this will save us any embarrassment. I think I speak for every true Brexit supporter when I say that if Boris chooses to sign us up to a withdrawal surrender treaty – his party is finished!