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Team Boris Preparing To Suspend Parliament As Remainers Threaten Queen Over Brexit

The United Kingdom Government will suspend Parliament from Tuesday to make way for a Queen’s Speech, which will end the current parliamentary session. It comes as the last suspension was ruled “unlawful” by a bunch of Remainer judges.

The United Kingdom has been at a crossroads for the last few months. The Remainers within the United King Parliament have blocked the United Kingdom from exiting the European Union, they did this by passing legislation that will force the PM to extend article 50 if no withdrawal arrangement is reached by the 18th of October.

Strikingly, the judicial system has now entered the political arena by ruling that Boris’ suspension of Parliament was “unlawful”. The ruling by the judges has been greatly criticised by the UK Government. More importantly, the Remain establishment have been using their wealth to stop the UK from leaving the EU, as people like Gina Toff-Cow Remainer aims to prevent the UK from leaving the EU, at any cost.

As the United Kingdom Government prepares to suspend Parliament, as is customary towards a Queen’s Speech, it’ll be interesting to see if the Remainers try and take the Government to court once again. If they do, the people will not forgive the Remain rich elite and their agenda to trap and ignore the democratic wishes of the British people.

Remainers have also been threatening the Queen by suggesting she was acting political by allowing the suspension of Parliament, although, this is not the case, as the Queen has no go on the advice of her most senior minister, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.