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Team Boris May Call General Election As Remain MPs Attempt To Block UK Leaving EU

The United Kingdom may need to brace itself for another General Election. It comes as Remain MPs attempt to block the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

As it currently stands, Theresa May’s surrender document failed to get the votes required in the House or Commons for it to be passed into legislation. Theresa May attempted to get her “deal” through Parliament three times, it was rejected each time.

Early after Theresa May’s third defeat, she met with Jeremy Corbyn, ignoring her own MPs, she said to Corbyn that if he backed her surrender deal, she would amend the legislation to say that another EU referendum could be implemented, a clear trick to enable her surrender document to pass.

As the above failed to convince Labour, Theresa May was dramatically forced to get another extension to article 50. Remainer MPs hijacked Parliamentary business to pass legislation that sought the UK Prime Minister to seek a further extension to article 50, they’ve given the UK until 31st if October.

Theresa May, after crying her eyes out to the EU, was given a written non-legal reassurance that the “backstop” would not be forever. Her own legal advisor, the Attorney General, said that the reassurance from the EU had no legal basis, meaning the UK could be trapped in the EU customs union forever.

Upon the above disasters, Theresa May announced her resignation. To cut a long story and long battle short, Boris is now Prime Minister, and he’s announced an end to the backstop, but will he dump Theresa May’s well and truly dead deal? I sincerely hope so, or this country is well and truly F@@@ed. The backstop is a tip of the iceberg to the major issue with the “deal”.

More importantly, if Boris fails to deliver on his exit day due to Remain MPs fiddling with Parliamentary rules, then Boris May have no choice but to call a general election on the basis that this Parliament seeks to betray the British people.