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Team Boris Makes No Deal Announcement As EU Leaders’ Now Accept Major Money Loss

Boris Johnson has given an announcement to the delight of all who back the United Kingdom fully leaving the European Union.

It comes as EU leaders’ have been threatening the United Kingdom’s ambition to leave the European Union without a so-called “deal”.

Fact check: The withdrawal arrangement also coined as a “deal” by the Remain media is not a Free Trade Agreement. The withdrawal agreement is a piece of legislation/treaty that essentially could see the UK locked into EU rules and regulations, indefinitely.

The surrender treaty, also known as a “deal” by the Remain media, is designed to circumvent the democratic wishes of those who would like to leave the European Union.

The surrender treaty stipulates that the UK would need to hand the EU nearly £40 billion. Even more importantly, the surrender treaty has a transition period, where the UK would remain in the EU customs union permanently, if no free trade agreement could be reached within two years, this is called the undemocratic backstop.

Team Boris has announced again that it will pull the United Kingdom out of the European Union “do or die” by the 31st of October.

The United Kingdom is a net-contributor to the EU budget, that means we contribute more to the EU’s finances than we actually get back, illustrating how important the UK is.

There’s also a large trade deficit with the EU. The UK trade deficit with the EU is £60 billion. That means they export more to us than we export to them, so, who really holds the cards? – we do.