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Team Boris Make NHS Announcement As Donald Trump Arrives in UK As Corbyn Humiliated

The Conservative party has made a new announcement regarding the National Health Service. It comes as the President of the United States of America’s, Donald J Trump, touches down in London for the NATO summit. The UK has been waiting on the arrival of the President very keenly during the election period.

The Conservative party has categorically ruled out including the United Kingdom’s NHS in any future trade deal, thus quashing labour lies that the NHS would be on the table. As it currently stands, Team Boris will not be ever putting the NHS in any trade agreement.

The Labour Party suffered an embarrassment after Trump suggested the NHS will never be part of any trade deal. The United Kingdom has an emotional attachment to the NHS, and rightly so, although Labour is exploiting and lying regarding future trade deals and the NHS.

It has categorically been confirmed that the NHS will not be privatised. It’s thought that Her Majesty the Queen will be looking on extremely closely at events. Many supporters of the Royal Family say that the Queen will be concerned with the Labour Party and their lies regarding the NHS.