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Team Boris Immigration Announcement After Terror Incident May Provoke Ban of Foreign Movement

Team Boris has said that the soft sentencing for terrorists should end. There has been heavy criticism of the Government after a convicted Islamic terrorist was released from prison and then went on to carry out a terror attack this week.

The main issue is that the one nation conservative agenda has cost the United Kingdom lives. It comes as the one nation Tories who were responsible for the justice system of this country have failed. The one nation Tories are the left wing element of the Tory party, they proceeded in cutting prisons and staff, resulting in a terrorist being able to carry out an attack on our streets.

The one nation Tory Government, which included the likes of Rory Stewart, Anna Soubry, Dominic Grieve, Ken Clarke and David Cameron, were hell-bent on utilising their one nation toff agenda to cut away at our justice system. Their soft approach to immigration has resulted in this country facing a brutal jihadi attack on our streets. Shame on those one nation cretins for cutting our police numbers for the last ten years.

The one nation Tories see the UK as a Plc, a spreadsheet agenda has taken place for the last ten years. The Tory party, once strong on justice and law and order, were oblivious as they cut away happily at our police service and prison system. George Osborne and Phillip Hammond, the one nation creeps who have eroded this country. Let’s hope Team Boris change things.