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Team Boris Give Remain Tory MPs Warning As French Demand More British Money For EU After Brexit

The new Government of the United Kingdom, under Boris Johnson, has given a stark warning to all Conservative MPs. It comes as this week proves vital for the survival of the UK’s successful exit from the European Union.

Team Boris has announced that any Conservative MP who dares vote with Jeremy Corbyn in blocking the UK’s departure from the EU, will be expelled from the Tory party and delisted at re-election time.

Boris is making it clear, that the entire Parliament has to back the United Kingdom’s approach to leaving the European Union. Many now say they want no form of surrender treaty, and would rather leave the EU on a clean-slate Brexit.

It comes as European Union leaders have warned that the United Kingdom will still have to give the EU billions, even if it leaves the EU without a surrender document. This has be rebutted by the Boris Government, as they say the UK will not give them £39 billion.

Boris has called a Queen’s speech, this means that Parliament will be suspended, as normal for a Queen’s speech, from the 9th of September to the 14th of October, to allow the United Kingdom to prepare to successfully leave the EU, and inhibit Remain MPs blocking Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn is aiming to align with other opposition members so that they can block the UK’s ambition to successfully leave the EU on a “no deal” approach.