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Team Boris Give Devastating Blow To EU Leaders’ As Boris Refuses Go Give EU More Funds

The United Kingdom is pulling itself out of every element of the European Union. It comes as Team Boris announced key measures that will take place once the United Kingdom successful and seamlessly leaves the EU.

The UK is currently stuck in a limbo as remainer MPs accuse the Prime Minister of a “coup”. This is after Remain MPs have been fiddling with parliamentary rules and procedures, by taking control of the House of Commons weeks ago to pass legislation that prevented the UK leaving the EU in March.

Many have accused the Remainers of being hypocrites, as they have done nothing but thwart the will of the British people to leave the EU, yet, when the legitimate Prime Minister calls a Queen’s speech, the Remainers and the media are up in arms about it – bunch of hypocrites that they well and truly are.

Team Boris has announced to the European Union that it will be withdrawing its funding from the EU post October 31st. The deadline for the UK to leave the EU is at the end of October, hence Team Boris’ urgency in withdrawing billions of funding for the EU.

Boris has also announced billions extra for schools and has stated that the UK will use the cash saved from Theresa May’s surrender document (£39 billion) to invest in British infrastructure, and not poorer Eastern European countries, as we currently do as part of the world’s biggest stagnating trading bloc, the EU.