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Team Boris Battle With French In Talks As They Demand Access to British Fish Post Brexit as Queen Concerned

Team Boris are currently in Brussels finalising and seeking an agreement for the withdrawal arrangement plans. The UK has been dead set on leaving the European Union on the 31st of October. It comes as the French take aim at UK fishing rights post-Brexit, as they demand access to UK waters.

As it currently stands, the DUP are not yet on board with the plans for the new special arrangement, which would see Northern Ireland stay in the UK customs union, but follow/mimic EU custom regulations as to allow for seamless border trade between the Republic or Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The French are now reportedly taking a bold move as they pin down Boris on fishing rights. The French leader, Emanuel Macron, is reportedly seeking access to the United Kingdom’s waters post-Brexit. The United Kingdom is aiming to withdraw from the Common Fisheries Policy and retake control of its own waters.

The United Kingdom has only until the end of the month to confirm its intentions. Team Boris have said that they will not negotiate beyond the 31st, as we are leaving the EU “do or die” by that exact date.