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Team Boris Battle With Courts As French Leader Threaten Queen and UK Brexit Plans

The United Kingdom government is battling with the courts regarding Boris Johnson’s recent prorogation of Parliament. It comes as French Leader, Emanuel Macron, has voiced his concerns regarding the UK’s departure from the EU.

The UK has now been waiting for months to see if it can fully leave the European Union. French President, Emanuel Macron, has blasted the United Kingdom and has suggested the UK must pay £39 billion to the EU, regardless of a withdrawal arrangement.

The United Kingdom, under Boris Johnson, has stated that it will not be required to pay the £39 billion figure if it does not sign up to the withdrawal arrangement. It comes as Boris proposed a new model regarding the Irish backstop to the EU, yesterday.

The new arrangement that Boris offered the EU would see the UK fully out of the customs union and have separate regulatory alignment. Importantly, Northern Ireland would be regulatory aligned to the EU and maintain in its customs union, but only for a finite period and stormont would have a veto every four years on the issue.

Her Majesty the Queen is yet to comment on the current situation facing the United Kingdom. Although, Remain MPs have attempted to drag the Queen into the political crisis by suggesting that she should dismiss Boris Johnson.