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Team Boris Await Imprisonment As Court Rules Regarding Brexit Suspension

A court within Scotland will today rule on whether or not Boris Johnson can be forced to sign an extension letter to the European Union. The court will also make a decision as to whether Boris Johnson can be imprisoned for suspending Parliament, which the biased Supreme Court ruled as “unlawful” in London.

As it currently stands, the Supreme Court ruled the suspension of Parliament to make way for a Queen’s Speech as “unlawful”. This has come under major scrutiny from around the political scene, as many say the judiciary should always remain separate from politics.

The United Kingdom has been waiting for months to leave the European Union. Sadly, the Remain faction of Parliament has refused to allow the UK to successfully leave the European Union. The biggest challenge for the UK’s exit from the EU, is that the current Johnson government has no real working majority in Parliament.

Team Boris are standing ready this morning as a court in Edinburgh rules on whether or not Boris Johnson must beg the EU for another extension to the Brexit deadline. The Remain faction of Parliament took over parliamentary business and passed a law forcing the PM to seek a further extension.

The United Kingdom public are now fed up of the political wrangling surrounding the Brexit process. It’s quite clear, the Remainers are blocking the United Kingdom from leaving the EU, and as such, they will face the consequences at the polls.