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Team Boris Announces New Brexit Rapid Response Unit As French Leader Issues More Threats

The United Kingdom government is launching an important new Brexit unit that will deal with lies and misinformation that is being spread by the media.

As it currently stands, the mainstream media in the UK have been causing alarm bells to ring as they pound the British public with negative and false stories that is designed to bring catastrophic fear to the British public regarding a so-called ‘No Deal’ Brexit.

In reality, a ‘No Deal’ means the United Kingdom would leave the European Union without a withdrawal arrangement. This would mean the UK would save £39 billion. The head of the WTO, the body that deals with free-trade and was set up to promote access to worldwide trade with no barriers, has said that under a so-called ‘No Deal’, the UK can trade freely.

This comes as French Leaders’ have been suggesting that France will still be able to fish in UK waters post-Brexit, this is not true, as the UK will most likely leave the Common Fishery Policy.

Michael Gove, government minister, responsible for preparing the UK to leave the EU, has said that the Government will set up a new Unit than will deal with the media’s lies and deceit, especially in regard to their doomsday reporting regarding the UK withdrawing from the EU with no withdrawal agreement.

The new unit will be able to act quickly and efficiently, it’ll be manned by civil servants, their job will be to ensure that any story that aims to catastrophize a ‘No Deal’ approach will be rebutted.

The media in the United Kingdom are extremely pro-Remain. They seek to cause undue alarm and distress by stirring up false fears that leaving the EU will cause the UK to experience a complete meltdown, this is false, it is lying and their reports are designed with political intent to ensure the UK does not leave the European Union.