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Team Boris Announcement As DUP Block Current Brexit Deal As Talks Continue Regarding £39 Billion

Team Boris are still trying to convince the Democratic Unionist Party leader, Arlene Foster, that the new arrangement between the Great Britain, The European Union and Northern Ireland does not compromise the integrity of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

As it currently stands, the EU’s agreed to scrap the backstop arrangement, which would’ve seen the UK stuck in the EU’s customs union if no Free Trade Agreement could be put in place within the transition period time-frame of two years. 

Now, the EU and UK have come up with a new arrangement which would see Northern Ireland legally in the UK’s own custom arrangement, but NI would follow/mimic the regulations of the EU’s customs arrangement, this would stop a divergence between the North and South of Ireland, and, in theory, limit border checks.

Although, Arlene Foster, leader of the DUP, has been critical of the move. Foster sees the move as an opportunity for those want to pull Northern Ireland out the UK to have closer integration with Brussels and Dublin, and away from the UK. The new arrangement would also only end if a Stormont majority backs the move, which would be essentially mean that NI would be stuck in the arrangement forever, as unionists do not form majority votes in the assembly.