Home News Team Boris Announce New Measures As Brexit Suspension Enters Phase II

Team Boris Announce New Measures As Brexit Suspension Enters Phase II

Team Boris has announced that is is “upping the ante”, in regard to the United Kingdom leaving the European Union in the weeks ahead.

The news comes as Team Boris made their announcement this week that Parliament will be suspended to make way for a Queen’s speech, which is a normal procedure for government to take.

The United Kingdom is preparing itself for a successful clean-slate Brexit, one which could make the United Kingdom up to £135bn better off, according to a report by Cardiff University.

The UK is hoping that the EU will budge on their backstop mechanism, designed to trap the United Kingdom within the constraints of the European Union, and also form great regulatory alliance, it’s a policy that locks the UK slyly into the EU, it was created by remainer and the most useless politician to ever control the country, Theresa May.

Team Boris has announced new measures regarding the United Kingdom’s exit. Team Boris has said that they will further discuss the backstop with the European Union. Although, many prominent Brexiteers want no withdrawal surrender treaty at all, as it is an extremely bad deal.

It’s clear, most want to leave the EU on a clean-slate and then negotiate a free trade agreement from the outside, without taking part to a treaty that will lock the United Kingdom into the EU’s rules and regulations for good.

The Brexit Phase II will commence after the UK enters the suspension phase of Parliament, this is when the country can fill work towards leaving the EU without a surrender document.