Home News Shocking video shows moment ‘British soldier’ knocks-out Policeman

Shocking video shows moment ‘British soldier’ knocks-out Policeman

A video has emerged online showing the moment a police officer is brutally punched in an unprovoked attack on the streets of London.  Many are demanding details of what exactly happened on the lead up to the attack.

The video shows the moment a Police Officer is standing beside his van.  The two men can be seen exchanging words as the apparent soldier gets extremely agitated and annoyed with the Police Officer.

It is not yet clear what type of injuries the Police Officer sustained nor was it possible to get a quote from the Police Service on the matter.  It is thought that the incident may have occurred on the streets of London.

The soldier approaches the Police Officer and insists that the Officer is “always coming here and telling me the same thing”.  The Police Officer tries to reason with the soldier but it does not work and the Soldier gets more and more annoyed with the officer.

As things begin to get more and more heated members of the public start approaching the men as things get far more heated.  It is then that the soldier punches the police officer directly in the face, he then falls to the ground in a dramatic manner.  The policeman can also be heard shouting in pain as he falls to the ground after the attack.

There are now many questions being raised in regards to the effectiveness of London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, after many are now suggesting that crime is on the up all across London and that action must be taken to halt the violence that is photogenically spreading across the London.

It is now unclear what type of injuries the officer has and there has been no comments from the London Mayor in regards to the abuse that is taking place on the streets of London since he has taken office for Mayor.

Many social media users have taken to social media, some have supported the soldier saying that he was warned.  There are also others who believe the video is not true, though this can not be confirmed as yet. There has yet to be any details released and the video has been on YouTube a while now.