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Shocking Moment ‘Foreign Man’ Attacks British Police Officer

A video has been released showing the moment a police officer was brutally attacked while doing his job.  The Police officer and the ‘foreign man’ can be seen ending up in a brawl as the two engage in a fight.  The Police Officer can be seen warning the man off before the offender attempts to escape.

The video surfaced on social media with many saying it is a disgraceful attack on British police officers.  Many have made their comments clear on social media with one man suggesting that the accused should be ‘jailed for life’.  The man in question can be seen doing his best to avoid being caught.

The Police officer and the offender end up brawling in the middle of the street.  The accused ca be seen leaving a red skoda before approaching the police officer and attacking him.  The man, thought to be of asian origin can be seen throwing punches and violently attacking the police officer.

The attack has now been seen by thousands of people.  One social media user said: “This is shocking.  The way that man is behaving his totally wrong and the police are doing their best to protect us.  It is disgraceful that anyone would want to attack someone for just doing their job.” It is unclear at the moment what the outcome was of this attack.