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SAS Hero has a message for “lefty” Poppy Haters

A former SAS solider has made clear his thoughts on the current poppy debate amongst the public and high-profile celebrity figures who have shown disregard for the Poppy. The highly trained solider has insisted that Brits should not forgets the country’s “heritage” in a passionate plea to the public to support the poppy.

Phil Campion, bestselling author, made clear that he particularly blamed the “left-wing” biased behaviour in the education system across the country, for one of many reasons why the poppy does not get the respect it should deserve. Mr Campion has insisted that British values should never be forgotten, adding the country should “embrace” its heritage.”

The SAS hero said: “There is a lot of left-wing influence in schools who have got this picture of everything being peaceful, and everything being rosy. Let me tell you now, there was never peace if it wasn’t fought for and certain people in this country have fought for peace and they need to be respited properly when they finish their duty.

He then added: “Schools and awareness in education, for the youngsters should be paramount. They should be told about the sacrifice that people have made, because if they are not aware, if it’s just wishy-washy ‘let’s just have peace’, and all that sort of stuff all the time which is what I am hearing repeatedly more of, then we are not going to progress.”