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Safety concerns for Tommy Robinson as his family denied visit to prison with no explanation

There have been fresh fears for Tommy Robinson’s safety after he was imprisoned for thirteen months for the breach of court orders.

Mr Robinson is spending his imprisonment in Her Majesty’s Prison Hull after broadcasting himself on Facebook showing people in an ongoing trial at Leeds Crown Court.

The broadcast that Tommy Robinson sent out has reached hundreds of thousands of his supporters on social media.

There has been an uproar on social media with thousands of Tommy Robinson’s supporters demanding that he bet set ‘free’ from prison.  Tommy’s supporters are claiming that Robinson’s’ imprisonment is wrong, and that Robinson is being put in prison to silence his reporting of a case which cannot be specifically mentioned for legal reasons.

A petition was set up after his imprisonment and now has over five-hundred-thousand signatures.

The judge did not go lightly on Robinson who warned him that his free speech comes with “responsibility”, though many are saying those on the left are using “free speech comes with responsibility” line as an excuse to clamp-down on freedom of speech. The judge told Robinson that he could cost the taxpayer hundreds of thousands if the case he was broadcasting on had to be re-run.

A tweet from Gerard Batten, MEP, has sent alarm bells ringing as Robinson’s family were denied access to visit him.  There are suggestions that Tommy’s safety could not be at serious risk, though there has been no statement from HMP Hull to suggest so.

Mr Batten says that Woodhill Prison is somewhere Tommy Robinson must not be transferred to, as it is home to an ‘Islamic gang’ where their aim is to ‘kill EDL members’.

The safety concerns of Tommy Robinson continue.