Home News Sadiq Khan fails to take responsibility for rising crime rates

Sadiq Khan fails to take responsibility for rising crime rates

The Mayor of London has caused a stir be claiming that he is not responsible for the drastic rise in crime and killings in the capital. The Mayor has come under fire recently as he continues to blame everyone but himself for London’s failings, in which has angered people across the country.

Mr Khan said: “I’ve got to be honest with Londoners that the responsibility for the massive cuts in our public services, including youth services and the police, began with George Osborne and Theresa May. My policy is, I can’t wait for the Government to step in and help us, but we gotta do it ourselves.”

He then added: “What they did in Glasgow was have a public health approach towards serious violent crime. Dealing with violent crime like an infectious disease, stop the infection, stop it from spreading and then deal with the causes. What we are announcing today is a multi-disciplinary approach.”

It comes as the Mayor has faced an intense backlash from Londoners over the rising crime and they are furious that he has not taken his responsibility over it as Mayor of the City. One user said: “Khan needs to accept the truth and admit that he has everything to do with the crime rates, he should not be blaming other people he is the Mayor!”