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Sadiq Khan brutally cut off from interview by enraged Piers Morgan

There has been an astonishing interview with Sadiq Khan which sees Piers Morgan cut the interview short over the mayor’s record on rising knife crime in the capital city. It was clear from the beginning that Mr Khan was not going to accept responsibility for the rising murder rate and serious crime involving deadly weapons, this enraged Mr Morgan and had his co-presenter Susanna Reid in utter disbelief.

Appearing on the popular morning time show in an intense interview Mr Morgan said: “You’re the Mayor of London. You are the Mayor of London. I am aware there are problems in other places. But, right now, you are appearing on this programme, as the Mayor of the capital city of this country, you are the Mayor of London and this is a problem. You talk a big game about being tough on violence about reducing violent crime, it is increasing.” It was at that moment Khan seemed to be taken aback from the style of interviewing and The Mayor looked very unsettled, with many on social media saying he was about to be sick!

Piers then added: ““To simply say it took ten years in Glasgow, we can’t wait ten years for you to get your ducks in a row and stop these stabbings, we need more immediate action now. The question is, what are you actually going to do? Actually, going to do to stop this tidal wave of stabbings, stabbing deaths, because it is out of control. You know it and we know it.” Mr Khan has been seen on various interviews repeating the same thing when it comes to knife crime and it hasn’t got unnoticed, with many saying he is now worse than May Bot.

Mr Khan replied: “We have fewer than 30,000 officers, fewer than 30,000 working extremely hard. It may be no consolation to the victims of crime and I am extremely sorry to any victim of crime. Even you have to accept in the last 8 years, we have lost more than 3,000 police officers from London. On top of that, we have lost more than 3,000 community support officers. On top of that, we have lost more than 5,000 police staff in London.”