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Sadiq Khan ‘Angers The Queen’ with New Brexit Demands

Sadiq Khan has outraged many on social media with his most recent remarks regarding the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.  Khan has suggested that if there is a so-called ‘No Deal’ scenario the people should get the ‘final say’.  It comes as many accuse Khan of attempting to ‘overthrow’ the will of the people and ‘undermine’ the Queen.

Sadiq Khan said in his most recent intervention in the Brexit debate: “If Parliament rejects the Prime Minister’s bad deal the only sensible course of action is to withdraw Article 50 immediately.  People from every corner of our country continue to call for the British people to get the final say – with the option to stay in the EU.”

Sadiq Khan has essentially said that the will of the British people will be betrayed if Theresa May cannot get her terrible ‘deal’ through the United Kingdom Parliament.  It is unlikely that the Prime Minister will get her deal through Parliament, as it is nothing short of a sell-out.  If the UK does leave the EU without a withdrawal agreement then we revert to WTO trading rules and save £40 billion pounds, simple.

Many have now stated that Her Majesty the Queen will not be ‘pleased’ at Sadiq Khan as he threatens the will of the Queens’ subjects.  A comment on Facebook said: “I doubt the Queen will be happy with Khan and his attempts to reverse the will of the British people.”.  It is unclear what view the Queen has on the Brexit debate, as she remains politically neutral.