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Royal Family Offended As Jeremy Corbyn Attempts to Drag Queen Into Brexit As No Deal Imminent

Supporters of the United Kingdom’s monarchy have shown their concern after key members’ of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party have suggested that they will ignore convention and involve the Monarchy in politics.

As it currently stands, the Royal Family of the United Kingdom do not get involved in political matters. The United Kingdom Monarchy has a deep tradition of avoiding the topic of politics as they are clear that it is not their area of intervention.

John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor, for the Labour Party has suggested that he will drag the Queen into politics. It comes as Mr McDonnell suggested that Labour could takeover the Government after winning a vote of no confidence.

As of now, it seems certain that if there was a motion of no confidence tabled towards Her Majesty’s ministers, then they would most likely lose the vote. This means that Boris would need to call a general election at a time of his choosing.

Another option for Labour after winning a vote of no confidence is to form their own Government. The opposition would have two weeks to do so, but many say this is an unrealistic timetable.

Those that support the Monarchy have said that the Queen would be deeply offended at the suggestion she should be brought into the middle of a political crisis. Although, it seems Labour have no respect for the Monarchy, anyway.