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Remainer George Osborne Face Courts Over Brexit Doomsday Lies

The Treasury of the United Kingdom, backed by remainer Phillip Hammond, should face UK courts over their lies regarding the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.

The treasury under George Osborne projected that voting for Brexit alone would cause the UK economy to go into recession; that there would be hundreds of thousands of job losses, and that a doomsday Brexit punishment budget would be enacted following the vote to leave.

Since the UK voted to leave the European Union, the UK has not gone into recession; employment remains at record levels, and there was no doomsday Brexit budget. The treasury lied, and did so under George Osborne so that people would be tricked and deceived into voting Remain.

Now, the treasury under Phillip Hammond is doing the exact same, this time in regard to a No deal Brexit. A report from Cardiff University has suggested that the United Kingdom would be up to £80 billion richer if we leave without a surrender treaty (I.e a no deal Brexit).

There has now been calls for George Osborne and Phillip Hammond to face the courts over their blatant lies and deceitfulness. Supporters of the UK fully leaving the EU on a no deal have took to Facebook to say that they feel the treasury should face legal proceedings in court for public distrust and deceit, I can’t say I disagree.