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Queen Standing Ready To Stop Remain MPs From Blocking Brexit Under Boris’ New Brexit Plan

The United Kingdom is preparing itself to leave the European Union. It comes as Remain MPs held a vote to take control of parliamentary business last night, which they won. It means their attempts to pass a law to stop the UK leaving the EU will be kickstarted.

In what many say is a disgrace to democracy, Remain MPs passed a vote yesterday to take control of parliamentary business, this means that their ambition to steam through legislation that would prevent a clean slate Brexit is going to be put in front of the Queen.

Her Majesty the Queen has to give all new legislation Royal Assent. The Prime Minister advises the Queen on which pieces of legislation to give Royal Assent to. If legislation does not have Royal Assent, then it does not become law.

Team Boris should prevent Remain MPs passing their legislation that would block a clean-slate Brexit by refusing the Queen to give Royal Assent. This would be entirely justified of the Prime Minister, as Remain MPs are acting unconstitutional, with their contempt for delivering the democratic wishes of the British people.

The Queen, as sovereign, is the supreme ruler of the United Kingdom, this means that she decides, ultimately, which pieces of legislation should pass through Parliament.

The Remainers will now have the steam rushed out of their plans, as the Queen could prove to be the hero in this fiasco. The United Kingdom’s people will be forever grateful to the sovereign if she exercises are power to prevent the Remainers from defying the British people.