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Queen Opens New Building in Capital – but where is her poppy?

Her Majesty The Queen was all smiles today as she arrived to open Schroders plc headquarters in London today, however, she was noticeably not wearing a Remembrance poppy. Many on social media were quick to point it out and were curious to know why this was, as it is very unlike Her Majesty not to wear a poppy so close to remembrance Sunday.

According to the Daily Express: ā€œExpress.co.uk understands that the monarch usually choose to wear a poppy on the weekend of Remembrance Sunday ā€“ there is no protocol and so the choice is up to the Queen.ā€ There is no doubt that the Queen is keeping her love for the poppy until the weekend, as the red may have clashed with her style of clothing.

Also yesterday, The Queen was sharing images of King George V, as he visited the Western Front during World War One. Her Majesty’s Twitter feed is full of very fascinating images of her family and factual information based on her family. One social media user said: “What a wonderful collection of images, we are very lucky to have Her Majesty as monarch of this nation and long may she reign.”