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Queen Offended by New Female EU President As She Suggests UK is A Colony of EU

Her Majesty the Queen would be absolutely livid and offended with the new EU President, Ursula Von Der Leyen, as top members’ of her team blasted the sovereign state integrity of the United Kingdom, thus directly offending Her Majesty the Queen.

It comes as European Union officials have said that their plan with Theresa May’s deal was to make the United Kingdom a “colony”, they said that it was their plan all along as they laughed and clinked their champagne glasses.

It comes as the new EU President’s supporters’ have suggested that she is more powerful than Her Majesty the Queen. Many of those who support the Monarchy were livid with suggestions that Her Majesty the Queen is being undermined by the new EU President.

The United Kingdom is now hoping to leave the EU by the 31st of October. It comes as Boris takes over from Theresa May who was a raging remainer that wanted to trap the United Kingdom in the EU, forever.

The Queen will be watching extremely closely at current events, especially with the new female EU president who seems to think that she is the true sovereign of the United Kingdom, which is totally ridiculous.