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Queen Now Urged For Immunity As Distasteful Remain MPs Take Queen To Court Over Brexit

There has been a major outpouring of support for Her Majesty the Queen. It comes as supporters of stopping the democratic wishes of the British people, the Remainers, want to take the Queen to court over the Brexit suspension situation in Parliament.

As it currently stands, Her Majesty the Queen granted Boris Johnson the right to a Queen’s speech. This means that Parliament will be prologued from the 9th to the 14th of October. It is a normal occurrence for a Queen’s speech to occur.

Many have said that those on the Remain side are hypocrites, as Remain MPs have been fiddling with Parliamentary rules and procedures to avoid the United Kingdom leaving the shackles of the European Union for months.

The United Kingdom voted by a vast majority to leave the European Union. The Prime Minister has taken the move to call a Queen’s speech to end the two year long parliamentary session. It means that Boris will now be able to set out his own Government agenda with his very own Queen’s speech.

The Queen’s speech allows for the automatic suspension of Parliament. This means that Boris and his team can focus on getting the United Kingdom out of the European Union. The suspension also means that Remain MPs will find it more difficult to stop the UK leaving the EU.