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Queen ‘Not Pleased’ As Meghan Markle Reportedly ‘Bans’ Harry from Royal Traditional Event

Her Majesty the Queen will be ‘shocked’ that Prince Harry will not be attending a very special Royal Event that takes place every year, says users on social media.  New details released in the Express Newspaper has claimed Meghan Markle has ‘banned’ Harry from taking part in the Royal Family’s very special annual event. 

The Royal Family are a very private family and do not share their personal details with anyone, especially the press.  It has come as a great surprise that Harry will not be attending the annual Pheasant Hunt with other members of the Royal Family.  A national newspaper says that Harry is not attending due to Meghan ‘banning’ him from doing so.

Harry and Meghan are an extremely happily married couple and there is no suggestions that they are not so. It is clear that every relationship has its ups and downs as well as disagreements.  It could be that Meghan Markle feels rather strongly about animals, therefore, would rather Harry not take part in the shooting event.  The Royal Family enjoy their Pheasant Hunt as part of family traditions within the Royal Household.

There have been many comments on social media that support Meghan Markle.  A user on Facebook said: “The Pheasant Hunt us disgusting and it is a good thing that Meghan cares enough about animals to not let Harry attend.”. This is only one of many Facebook comments that support Meghan.  Another Facebook user said: “Meghan has no right to tell Harry what to do, she should remember that it is tradition.”.  It is clear that this is a very divisive issue.