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Queen Intervention In Brexit Expected As Jeremy Corbyn Offends Royal Family

Her Majesty the Queen could find herself in the middle of the Brexit debate as it now seems likely that Remainers will attempt to block the United Kingdom from leaving the European Union.

A bunch of remain MPs have colluded together in an attempt to stop the United Kingdom’s departure from the EU. The group of MPs from Labour, Tories, SNP and Lib Dem’s have come together to try and shoot down Team Boris’ plan of delivering Brexit.

The group of Remainers have tabled an Intervention with the courts, which could see the UK prevented from leaving the EU. The court will rule on whether or not Boris can prologue Parliament – which means to stop Boris from closing down Parliament to prevent Remainers from blocking Brexit.

Regardless, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union, says Boris. It’s thought that Boris can still take the UK out of the EU, as he will still be Prime Minister and the default position is for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, which is written in United Kingdom legislation.

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of snubbing the Queen and members’ of the Royal Family. It comes as he refused an invite to the Queens’ dinner this summer. Corbyn has very anti monarchy views and is pro-republican, which means he would like to scrap the Monarch.

The Queen would have to give her consent to any new law that the remainers try and bypass through Parliament. As it currently stands, Her Majesty takes advice from the Prime Minister on which legislation to give Royal Assent, technically Boris could recommend that the Queen not consent to any legislation that would stop the United Kingdom leaving the EU.