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Queen Intervention In Brexit Expected as Harry and Meghan Break Silence As Both Get Political

The United Kingdom is looking ahead at a dramatic intervention from Her Majesty the Queen.

The Royal Family are notoriously politically neutral, but this could change, as the Queen has been encouraged to break her silence.

The United Kingdom was meant to leave the European Union in March, but this did not happen due to Theresa May’s failed attempt at negotiating.

The United Kingdom is bracing itself for a successful clean-slate Brexit, one which would see the UK leave without the constraints of a surrender treaty.

Her Majesty the Queen has been encouraged by supporters of the Monarchy to intervene in the Brexit debate.

The Queen has yet to formally get involved in the Brexit situation. Her Majesty does not usually get involved in politics.

This news comes as supporters of the Monarchy have said that the Queen should now intervene to ensure that the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

Many have said that the sovereign of the United Kingdom, the Queen, has a duty to deliver the sovereign wishes of her people.

The United Kingdom by majority voted to leave the EU. A newspaper reported that the Queen is frustrated with the lack of quality in our political leaders.

It comes as Harry and Meghan staged their own political intervention in the Vogue magazine, highlighting ‘unconscious racism’ within society.