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Queen Intervention In Brexit As Jeremy Corbyn Plans To Bring Down Her Majesty’s Government

The United Kingdom is preparing itself to leave the European Union on a clean slate. Although, there is some steep challenges ahead of the October deadline to leave the EU.

The Labour party, backed by Jeremy Corbyn, is hoping to derail Brexit and overturn the referendum result.

It’s now clear, that a vote for the Labour Party is a vote against the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

Jeremy Corbyn is planning to work with other opposition parties to block the United Kingdom leaving the EU on the 31st if October.

The Labour manifesto stated that it would respect the decision of the referendum, sadly , Jeremy Corbyn has went back on his word.

The United Kingdom public now supports leaving the European Union without a so-called ‘deal’, this means Jeremy Corbyn is going against the majority wish of the British public.

It’s thought that the Queen May have to intervene in the Brexit debate. This is because Her Majesty may have to block giving Royal Assent to a bill that the opposition table in favour of blocking Brexit.

Boris Johnson would still be PM under a vote of no confidence and he would still advise the Queen on which legislation to give assent, therefore, the ball is in our hands – but at great risk from Corbyn.