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Queen Intervention As Remain MPs Attempt to Get Queen To Sack Boris As PM

The United Kingdom is facing extreme political and constitutional turbulence as Remain MPs who have blocked the UK leaving the EU attempt to get the Queen to sack Boris.

Her Majesty the Queen does not normally get involved within political matters, but this hasn’t stopped Remain MPs from pressuring the Queen that she should dismiss Boris as PM.

The United Kingdom was meant to leave the European Union months ago, but has been prevented from doing so due to the Remainers refusing to accept the result of the referendum.

The UK has given the EU warnings that it wishes to walk away from the EU on the 31st of October, deal or no deal – although, this now seems totally unlikely.

The Remain MPs who are blocking the UK leaving, want Jeremy Corbyn to replace Boris as Prime Minister. MPs such as Dominic Grieve, are directly going against the PM to ensure that the Remain faction of Parliament remains strong in their attempts to block Brexit.

There has now been suggestions from Brexit supporters that Remain MPs are fully mobile in their attempt to get the Queen to dismiss Boris Johnson. It now seems that the undemocratic Remainers are well and truly on their way to stopping us from leaving the EU.