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Queen Hurt As Harry To Defy Royal House and Fly To Canada Imminently As Meghan Demands Return

Her Majesty the Queen would be “deeply hurt” say supporters of the Monarchy, after many now suspect Harry will jump on a flight to Canada within days. It comes as the Monarchy faced an unprecedented situation, as both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their departure from the Royal Family.

It is now clear that Harry aims to leave his family behind within the United Kingdom and move abroad. The Queen, who has been deeply involved in facilitating the move, will be deeply saddened that the couple aim to breakaway from Royal life. It comes as the couple set up a new website and released a statement on their social media platform.

The Monarchy has been working at intense pace to keep up with the demands of the couple. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex hope to still use their Royal titles. It’s thought that the Queen will allow them to remain Duke and Duchess of Sussex. It follows Harry and Meghan copyrighting the name “Sussex Royal”, clear hint that they aim to commercialise themselves to be “financially independent”.

The United Kingdom Monarchy has been through the most turbulent and rocky times in the past 23 years, with Diana’s death and Prince Andrew’s sudden departure, this will be a major blow to Her Majesty the Queen. The family must come together and work through these difficult times.