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Queen Furious With Piers Morgan over Attack

The Queen is reportedly ‘furious’ with Piers Morgan over comments he has made about her husband, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip. It comes as the 97 year old crashed his car, causing an accident involving a young child. The Duke has been branded all sorts by Morgan, in what some are calling “extreme”.

Morgan hit out at the pensioner and declared: “Prince Philip is the rudest human being I have ever met.”. Morgan added that he met the 97 year old at an event while he was editor of a newspaper, he added: “I offered my hand for him to shake but he ignored it.”.

Apparently, the Queen is not very happy with Morgan. It was speculated that she has ignored the reports and debate over her husband’s driving ability and whether he should be allowed to retain his driving license. There has been extreme scrutiny over Philip, especially since The Duke was spotted the next day driving a new Land Rover.

Piers has hit out at Prince Philip and said in his newspaper column: “His message was clear: ‘You won’t stop me driving, I’m rich enough to get a new car whenever I like, and I don’t care about obeying the law of the land. And frankly, he made me sick to my stomach.” The Queen is reportedly ‘sick’ of this debate and wishes for it to be swept under the carpet.