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Queen Deeply Offended by Jeremy Corbyn After Distasteful Remarks

Her Majesty the Queen would be deeply offended by the actions of the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn, suggest key supporters’ of the Monarchy, in a damning attack against Jeremy Corbyn and Labour.

Supporters’ of the Royal Family say that the Labour leader does not “show enough respect” to Her Majesty the Queen. The Queen herself does not get involved in politics, but there has been strong suggestions that she isn’t pleased, as Corbyn is not a Monarchist, and many also say he supports the UK becoming a Republic.

The Labour leader has made remarks in the past about how much money has been spent on the Royal Family. The Royals bring in a large amount of tourism money and are a key asset to the United Kingdom’s culture and political foundations.

The Labour leader and his colleagues, have all been skeptics of the Royal Family, with the likes of Diane Abbott questioning the money that is spent on the Royal Family. It is thought that the majority of the current Labour Party are highly sceptical of the Royal Family.

Her Majesty the Queen will be looking intensely at the upcoming events which could lead to a general election. It’s not clear if the Labour Party will officially change their policy regarding the Monarch, but some say they may crack down on Royal spending, leaving the Royal Family to keep their generated income away from the treasury.