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Queen Anger Towards French Leader As He Demands Access to British Fishing Waters

There have been suggestions that Her Majesty the Queen has “anger” towards the French Leader, Emanuel Macron, this is After Macron started taking a much tougher approach towards the United Kingdom, and its ambition to leave the European Union.

It comes as Emanuel Macron has suggested that France and other European Union countries should have access to British waters after we leave the European Union, through the transition period, that would come under any “agreement”, like the one that Theresa May offered Parliament, but was unanimously rejected.

The French Leader, Macron, has been flexing his muscle and taking a tough line towards the United Kingdom. It’s thought that Macron is using Brexit to deflect the political pressure he is facing at home, with riots and other insecurities his party faces.

The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in 2016, since then, Theresa May failed to get her surrender treaty through Parliament, leaving her to be the most useless Prime Minister, ever.

The European Union has said that Britain must hand over billions of pounds in order to have a withdrawal arrangement. The problem the majority of parliament had with Theresa May’s deal, was the so called “backstop arrangement”, which would see the UK locked into a permanent customs union with the EU.

The Queen will be absolutely “livid” and “angry” say supporters’ of the Monarchy. A very fanatical monarchist said on Facebook: “The Queen will be livid and angry that the French Leader wants our fish!”.