Home News Protester who bullied Jacob Rees-Mogg’s children confronted

Protester who bullied Jacob Rees-Mogg’s children confronted

The man who protested outside Jacob Rees-Mogg house has been confronted on live radio, presenter Nock Ferrari asked the man why he enjoyed ‘bullying’ children and the man did not take it lightly. Ian Bone, the protester, defended yelling viscious insults, claiming that he would be happy to target other MPs children in the future.

Mr Bone said: “Jacob Rees Mogg knew about it, the Police knew about it. Mr Mogg came out, and he engaged in some ‘badinage’ with his usual rapier-like wit about Latin and classical issues about crossing the Rubicon and all that. When we wouldn’t accept that was they way the conversation was going, we were beginning to ask him about the lack of money he paid his nanny, the lack of transparency if she had any holiday, the living conditions…”

Mr Bone ranted: “He brought them out, he put them in the domain, if I was on a housing demonstration and the housing minister came out with his children, then… [he] would expect them to keep making some points.” The interview started to go sour, when Mr Bone started to swear abruptly and it was soon cut short.