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Prince Phillip Urgent Health Update As Questions Raised After Queen Attends Event Alone

There has been speculation on social media regarding the health status of the Duke of Edinburgh. It comes as the British Monarchy face extremely challenging times. It’s thought that the Duke of Edinburgh is not in the best health, as a national newspaper reported that he had a bad ‘wobble’ last week, with many wondering what is going on.

The Duke of Edinburgh has been a major asset to the Royal family, he has stood side-by-side beside the Queen for decades. The news that the Duke has a wobble sent shockwaves through everyone who supports and follows the Royal Family. There has been no official health statement yet, although, many would like the Palace to confirm the status of the Dukes’ wellbeing.

The Queen was pictured at an event during her wedding anniversary on her own, this brought speculation that the Duke is still very much in his bed, as he attempts to get better after suffering from a wobble at his residence. There has been no suggestions that the Duke is of critical condition, although, as he is nearly 100, it is clear that he may take a very long time to get fully fit and ready.

The country is waiting for an update regarding the status of the Duke. It’s clear that the Royal Family has been busy dealing with their own internal dilemmas, therefore their priorities are probably not where they should be, in terms of updating the public with the Dukes health status.